Preparation for College Chemistry

Title Time Location Syllabus Instructor
Preparation for College Chemistry - One section offered
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 12:05pm - 12:55pm
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(3-0) Cr. 0. F.S. Prereq: 1 year high school algebra
An in-depth active learning experience designed to impart the fundamental concepts and principles of chemistry, with an emphasis on mathematics skills and logical thinking. For students intending to enroll in general chemistry and who have not taken high school chemistry or who have not had a high school college preparatory chemistry course who need a review of chemical problem solving and chemical concepts. Credit for Chem 50 does not count toward graduation.

Class meets March 21, 2022 to May 13, 2022

MWF at 12:05 - 12:55 pm

TR at 12:10 - 1:00 pm